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About Jill

Jill Dianne Bittinger has been a Multicultural Arts Educator and then Montessori Lead for 15 years. Deeply committed towards a vision of education as a multifold process that must touch hearts as well as minds, honoring the emotions in the process, she is currently working on a book. Transformed Education: The Role of Soul.

I have devoted my  life towards understanding education of the Whole Human Being and perfecting my pedagogy.In my mind and body, I have a BA in Psychology and an MA in Dance Education from UCLA.  Through years of performance and teaching in Arts Education, I came to discover the wonder of the world of Montessori.  Now a practicing Montessori Lead, I've become a passionate advocate for the hands-on learning, whole child approach and peace and cosmic education that are central to this path.  Nurturing the Light Within, developing emotional intelligence, and connecting children to their own wonder in the immensity of our cosmos are gifts from the realm of Montessori that still inspire me today.

I believe that for real change to take place, Collaboration is Key. As it applies to education, I see Inspired educators elevating students/ Inspired students elevating educators. I hold the Vision for a A hopeful tomorrow. Energized, Creative Individuals of all ages and races cultivating their unique set of talents and perspective, empowered to share in the context of community, to resolve pressing issues of today.


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